Business in Ruse opens new horizons Seminar for hiring foreigners

Business in Ruse opens new horizons: Seminar on hiring foreigners from third countries

On July 4, 2024, the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCIC) organized a seminar on "New horizons: Access to the labor market for foreigners". The event was held in cooperation with the "Labor Bureau" Directorate - Ruse and the Employment Agency, and was aimed at HR specialists and business representatives in the region. The seminar attracted considerable interest and was filled with useful information and discussions that will contribute to the development of the local business community.

Participants received up-to-date information on the procedures and requirements for hiring foreigners, including people from third countries. The experts from the Employment Agency presented details of the process and answered many questions related to this important topic. While the event provided useful guidance and information, participants also shared some challenges, such as long processing times for foreign employment documents, which remain a significant problem for businesses.

The seminar offered an opportunity for HR specialists and business representatives to exchange experience and good practices. Participants shared their challenges and successful strategies for finding suitable personnel, which contributed to enriching their knowledge and skills. The attendees had the opportunity to ask their questions directly to the experts from the Employment Agency and the "Labor Bureau" Directorate - Ruse. The participation of Silvia Gesheva, chief expert in the Directorate "Permits and Labor Migration", Kristina Petrova, senior expert in the same directorate, and Yuliana Nikolova, chief expert in the "Intermediary Services" department of the Chief Directorate "Employment Services", was useful for those present , but also highlighted the need for further improvements in procedures.

The workshop provided an excellent platform for networking. Participants made new contacts with other HR professionals and experts, expanding their network of useful connections and finding potential partners for future initiatives. The program of the seminar included an opening by Mr. Milen Dobrev, Executive Director of RTIK, and Ms. Ioana Terzieva, Director of the "Labor Bureau" Directorate - Ruse. This was followed by a presentation of the participants and their expectations, a presentation by DBT - Ruse on the topic "The labor market in the Ruse region. How can we be useful to employers", and a presentation by experts of the Employment Agency on the topic "Access to the labor market for foreigners". The workshop ended with questions and answers, open discussion and sharing of experiences and good practices.

The seminar "New Horizons: Access to the Labor Market for Foreigners" proved to be useful and timely for the participants of the RTIC business network. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the success of the event. We hope that the information and contacts made during the workshop will support your future initiatives and the development of your business.

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