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A Bulgarian delegation participated in an economic and trade forum in Shaoxing, China

The Bulgarian delegation, organized by The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and including Mr. Milen Dobrev from the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, continues its visit to China with participation in the Economic and Trade Forum in Shaoxing. The day was full of exciting activities, which included a trip to Shaoxing and participation in the forum dedicated to the development of bilateral business.

In the morning, the delegation visited Shaoxing Integrated Circuit Industrial Park, one of the leading research and industrial incubation sites in China. The visit was an excellent opportunity for the delegation to learn about the latest technological achievements and opportunities for industrial cooperation.

The next item on the agenda was participation in the Shaoxing Economic and Trade Forum. Mr. Dobrev, head of the Bulgarian delegation, welcomed the leading industrial companies from the region, presenting Bulgaria as a potential partner. He discussed the possibilities for the development of bilateral business relations, the advantages for investments in Bulgaria, as well as the opportunities that the Bulgarian economy offers to Chinese companies.

Within the framework of the forum, a series of meetings was held with Chinese entrepreneurs and government representatives dedicated to the discussion of the possibilities for bilateral economic and trade cooperation. All these activities were part of the delegation's efforts to promote Bulgarian business and strengthen trade relations between Bulgaria and China.

The matchmaking conference in Shaoxing was another successful step in the direction of greater economic cooperation between Bulgaria and China. We await with great interest the following activities and events from the program of the Bulgarian delegation, organized by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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