The voice of small and medium-sized businesses National survey among SMEs in Bulgaria

The voice of small and medium-sized businesses: A national survey among SMEs in Bulgaria

In a world where the dynamics of the business environment are changing with every passing second, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a key role in economic development and innovation. Understanding their needs, challenges and opportunities is essential to creating a supportive business environment that promotes growth and competitiveness. In this regard, the Executive Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in partnership with the General Directorate "European Competitiveness Funds" is undertaking a nationally representative survey aimed at gathering valuable views from Bulgarian SMEs.

Why is your participation important?
This study is an opportunity for SMEs to share their experiences and views on sustainability, investment activity, financing, innovation and internationalization. In addition, attitudes towards the creation of new regional structures to support business in the less developed regions of the country will be evaluated.

What is the aim of the study?
The aim is to analyze the current challenges and identify the needs of SMEs for support. The results will be used to formulate recommendations for a better assessment and understanding of business needs in the context of financing, investment, sustainable economic growth, increasing competitiveness, as well as to overcome environmental, social and governance challenges.

How to participate?
The survey is anonymous, consists of 15 questions and will be active until February 15, 2024. Your opinion is extremely valuable, as it will contribute to the formation of the future business environment in Bulgaria.

Together we can achieve more and create an environment where every business can thrive. Your opinion shapes the future of Bulgarian entrepreneurship.

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