The Executive Director of the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Milen Dobrev on an official visit to the People's Republic of China

The Executive Director of RTIK, Mr. Milen Dobrev, on an official visit to the People's Republic of China

Today in the city of Beijing, the visit of the executive director of RTIK, Mr. Milen Dobrev to the People's Republic of China began - within the framework of the large-scale international initiative "One belt, one road". Mr. Dobrev is also in his capacity of official head of the Bulgarian economic delegation, which includes nearly 30 representatives from various business organizations from all over the country, sector associations and leading companies, including BMF Port Burgas, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Green Transport Cluster, Bulgarian Gas Association, Bulgarian Fashion Association, GS1 Bulgaria, and many other.

The program of the visit is designed to strengthen the economic and trade relations between Bulgaria and China and includes a number of lectures and seminars focused on interaction and cooperation between the two countries. The visit began on June 25 with the arrival of the delegation in China. The opening ceremony was held on June 26, where Mr. Dobrev gave an official welcome on behalf of the Bulgarian delegation, expressing his gratitude to the host institutions from the People's Republic of China for the opportunity for this exchange of experience - China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and Academy of International Business Officials (AIBO, MOFCOM). He expressed hope for the deepening of economic, trade and cultural relations with China and believed that the Belt and Road Initiative countries would work together for a better life for their peoples.

CCPIT is one of the largest foreign trade promotion institutions in China. The Council has established economic and trade relations with business communities in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, signed cooperative agreements with more than 300 affiliated organizations, and established joint chambers of commerce in many countries. CCPIT has offices in 16 countries and regions around the world. At the national level, CCPIT (CCOIC) has established 50 sub-committees in various provinces, autonomous regions and local communities and more than 600 affiliates and chambers of commerce in counties. CCPIT has also established 21 sub-councils in sectors such as machinery, electronics, light industry, textile, agriculture, automobile, petroleum and chemical industry, business, metallurgy, aerospace, chemical, construction, mineral industry, coal, logistics, etc. CCPIT includes 70,000 member businesses.

On the other hand, Academy of International Business Officials (AIBO), which is the only educational and training institution directly under the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) of the People's Republic of China, is located in the famous Xiaotangshan Longmai Thermal Area, Changping District, next to the Wenyu River. AIBO offers training, academic teaching, conference services, as well as leisure and entertainment services.

With each successive day of the program, our representatives will engage in important discussions and seminars that will enrich their understanding of the Chinese culture and business environment. In addition to the capital Beijing, two more significant cities with millions of people, part of the huge agglomeration around the city of Shanghai - Ningbo and Shaoxing - are to be visited. There are planned visits to key industrial parks, as well as structure-determining companies of national and global importance.

We will continue to monitor and report on upcoming initiatives within the two-week official visit of the Bulgarian delegation, and in the future we will provide you with up-to-date information on future developments in the economic and trade relations between Bulgaria and China.

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