Awards "Investor of the Year" Invitation to Participation from the Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry

"Investor of the Year" awards: Invitation to Participation from the Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry

On behalf of the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we inform you that the Bulgarian Investment Agency (BAI) is organizing the "Investor of the Year" awards for the 18th consecutive year. This event is a reason for pride and recognition of the most successful and innovative business ventures in our country.

In this initiative, special attention is paid to companies that have contributed to the development of the Bulgarian economy through sustainable and efficient investments, creation of new jobs and implementation of high technologies. The purpose of the competition is to distinguish the significant investment projects realized in 2023.

The awards include five Golden Bull statuettes and four honorary awards in the following categories:

  • "Investor of 2023";
  • "Green Investment of the Year";
  • "Investment in business expansion";
  • "Investment in innovative business";
  • "Investment in human capital";
  • "Successful startup" (honorary award);
  • "Municipality in Bulgaria with the most investments" (honorary award);
  • "Sustainable Business" (honorary award);
  • "Investment with a low carbon footprint" (honorary award).

We invite everyone who has implemented successful investment projects in the past year to participate in this competition. The deadline for submitting applications is until February 2, 2024, and you can register at the following Internet address:

As representatives of businesses from the region, we at the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry believe that the Ruse region has significant potential and deserves wide recognition. We rely on your active participation and submission of applications demonstrating your successful investment projects and ambition for development.

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