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Ambassadors of Science

"Ambassadors of science" visited 29 schools in Ruse and the district. The series of visits by Bulgarian scientists to the classrooms was organized by RTIK as part of the SEARCH: SCIENCE + ENVIRONMENT + ART = RESILIENCE project activities and took place in the period November 2022 - April 2023. Bringing scientists and students one-on-one, the visits aimed to inspire more young people to pursue careers in science and technology.

Visiting scientists presented their work and shared their passion for research. During the visits, lectures and demonstrations were held on the following topics:

  • The place of glass in modern genetics;
  • Amphibians, snakes, terrestrial and turtles in Bulgaria";
  • Vegetation and natural habitats of Bulgaria;
  • Chemistry of the sea. Alkalinity and pH;
  • The secrets and mysteries of the Black Sea;
  • Food in the past. Resources of plant origin;
  • Danube River - biodiversity, status, trends. Methods for assessing the ecological status of freshwater ecosystems;

Young people had the opportunity to get up close and personal with different scientific methods, ask questions and even do experiments.

Guest speakers of the SEARCH project were:

  • Dr. Rumyana Dodova (Molecular Medicine Center at the Medical University of Sofia)
  • Ch. Assistant Dr. Emilia Vacheva (Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research at BAS)
  • Assoc. Dr. Kiril Vassilev (Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research at BAS)
  • Chemist Nadezhda Drumeva (Institute of Oceanology at BAS)
  • Ch. Assistant Professor Mila Andonov, Ph.D. (Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, BAS)
  • Dr. Stefan Kazakov (Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, BAS)
  • Dr. Elitsa Stefanova (Institute of Oceanology at BAS)
  • Technician, biology Hristiana Stamatova (Institute of Oceanology at BAS)

The SEARCH project is an ambitious effort that aims to help popularize science, scientific activity and the profession of scientist among the general public. It is implemented within the Marie Sklodowska-Curie initiative of the Horizon 2020 program. In autumn, the science ambassadors initiative within the project is also organizing the already traditional Night of Scientists for our city, which this year will be held on September 29. For more information on the topic, follow our information channels and the official website of the project.

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