RTIK and leading companies discuss the digital future of Ruse at Digital4Ruse 2024

RTIK and leading companies discuss the digital future of Ruse at Digital4Ruse 2024

On April 13, the next edition of the Digital4Ruse conference, organized by the Internet Media Group, took place in the historic Dohodno building in Ruse. The Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RTIK) and its members had a key role in the opening panel discussion dedicated to the digital future of business in the region.

The executive director of the Chamber, Mr. Milen Dobrev, together with leading representatives of member companies such as Mr. Uwe Köhler, general manager of Husqvarna Ruse, Mr. Trayan Georgiev, financial manager and procurator of Bader Bulgaria, Mr. Svetoslav Vasilev , manager of Civico and Mr. Velislav Voikov, head of department at SL Industries, shared their views and experience in the field of digitalization. The discussion highlighted the importance of innovation and technological development for business success and sustainability.

The panel provided an opportunity for an in-depth analysis of the challenges and opportunities that digital transformation offers to companies in the region. In addition, the discussion also addressed important topics such as the development of digital skills among employees and trainees, finding skilled personnel, and the types of skills that will be in demand in the coming years.

The audience actively participated in the discussion, asking a number of questions, among which were those about creating an effective interaction between business and the academic community and the skills that young people should focus on to prepare for their future careers. This highlighted the importance of synergy between education and industry and focused attention on creating sustainable collaboration models.

Digital4Ruse 2024 proved to be a successful platform for exchanging ideas and strategies for adapting to the rapidly changing technological and economic conditions. The Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues to be at the forefront of supporting businesses in their digital transformation, offering resources and initiatives that help members and the wider business community remain competitive in the dynamically developing digital age.

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