Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ruse Municipality Pla

RTIK and Ruse Municipality: Plan for the development of digital communication channels

The Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RTIK) and the Municipality of Ruse announce a new initiative to develop the digital communication channels of the "Invest in Ruse" initiative. The aim of this initiative is to strengthen and develop the online platforms and social networks that are used to inform, engage and interact with the target audience.

The new initiative aims to achieve the following key objectives:

  • Improving the presence and visibility of the initiative in the online space. This includes being active on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and others, as well as maintaining a website and blog where users can find relevant and engaging information.
  • Expanding the audience and increasing the effectiveness of communication with stakeholders. Through regular posts and active interactions with users, the initiative will attract new followers and strengthen its connections with existing ones.
  • Strengthening interaction with users through social networks and other digital channels. In addition to active publications, online events, campaigns and surveys will be organized to drive audience engagement and gather valuable feedback and ideas.
  • Improving the quality and timeliness of content offered through digital channels. By constantly researching trends and audience needs, the initiative will deliver content that is informative, useful and exciting to consumers.

The cooperation between RTIK and Ruse Municipality plays a key role in the successful implementation of the initiative. Together, the two organizations will work to enhance the initiative's online presence while providing relevant and engaging content for consumers. Through shared resources and expertise, RTIK and the Municipality of Ruse will create a strong and sustainable digital strategy that will support and nurture economic development and investment attraction in the region.

The next step in the development of the initiative's digital communication channels involves using the experience and results of the previous cooperation between RTIK and Ruse Municipality. The investment profile of the Municipality of Ruse, prepared jointly by the two organizations, presents Ruse's rich potential for development and investment in various sectors such as industry, tourism, technology and education. This document is a key tool for attracting investment and promoting business activity in the region. The last two editions of the investment profile are the result of the successful cooperation between RTIK and the Municipality of Ruse and serve as a basis for future activities to promote investment opportunities in the region.

RTIK and the Municipality of Ruse invite all interested parties to join the initiative for the development of digital communication channels. Anyone who shares the vision for the development of Ruse and is ready to contribute their skills and ideas is welcome to join. With the new initiative for the development of digital communication channels, RTIK and the Municipality of Ruse will strengthen their position as leading figures in the virtual space, while at the same time facilitating their relationship with the community and stakeholders.

For more information about the initiative, visit the special Web page. Follow us also on social networks: Facebook and LinkedIn.

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