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RTIK organizes final conference on project "Ambassadors of Green Change"

On April 25, 2024, the Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry held the final project event "Ambassadors of Green Change", funded by the program "Development of business, innovation and small and medium-sized enterprises" through the Norwegian financial mechanism (Norway Grants) 2014-2021. The project aims to establish lasting cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises from Bulgaria and Norway, as well as to inspire SMEs to introduce ambassadors of green change, providing them with the necessary knowledge about green innovations and the skills to implement them.

The final conference focused on discussing the important topic of green growth and sustainable development, in the light of growing environmental challenges and the need for innovation in business and society. The event brought together experts from various fields who discussed current trends and opportunities for green growth, presenting various innovative approaches, technologies and strategies aimed at promoting sustainable business practices and adapting to environmental challenges.

  • Stella Dionisieva, program and project expert at RTIK, made a presentation of the "Ambassadors of Green Change" project, emphasizing the results created - a training course on the implementation of sustainability and green practices, a practical manual for sustainable transformation, as well as a capacity assessment tool of SMEs for successful implementation and implementation of green innovation and transition projects.
  • Tanya Koleva, project manager in NRJ Soft, shared what challenges are encountered on the way to a green future and the implementation of innovative technologies in the Bulgarian market, also looking at how business and society must adapt to environmental requirements and how innovation plays an important role in this.
  • Veneta Petrova, manager of the management of harmful substances in BTB Bulgaria, presented the important topic of the EU Green Deal, as well as what are the current environmental requirements for the textile industry.

The event ended with a networking session, during which the participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas, contacts and discuss opportunities for future collaborations.

With this and other similar initiatives, the Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues to actively support innovation for green growth, as well as work to create sustainable business practices in the region to ensure a more sustainable future for all.

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