Start of the Ruse Veliko Tarnovo Motorway project, a new chapter in the development of the region 1

Start of the Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo Motorway project: A new chapter in the development of the region

In a historic moment for the region, the symbolic first sod of the "Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo" highway was laid today. This event marks the beginning of one of the most significant infrastructure initiatives in Bulgaria. The solemn ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister Academician Nikolay Denkov, the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Andrey Tsekov, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Rositsa Kirova, as well as numerous regional governors and mayors from the region.

The highway, with a total length of nearly 133 km, is divided into three key sections: Ruse - Byala, bypass of the town of Byala and Byala - Veliko Tarnovo. The first stage of the construction starts from the land of the municipality of Tsenovo, where the necessary expropriations have already been completed and a construction permit has been issued. The project is included in the "Transport Connectivity" program 2021-2027 and was declared a national site by Minister Ivan Shishkov.

The importance of this project for the economy of the Ruse region is difficult to underestimate. First and foremost, the new expressway will significantly improve transport connectivity in the area. This will facilitate travel between Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo, as well as to other key destinations in the country and abroad, while reducing travel time and transport costs.

The creation of a more efficient transport infrastructure will also promote economic growth in the region by attracting new investment, increasing trade and improving the conditions for business development. This will not only bring direct economic benefits, but will also help create new jobs and improve the quality of life for local residents.

In addition, the highway will improve cross-border connections and strengthen Ruse's position as an important transport and logistics center in the region. This, in turn, will promote international trade and help the region's integration into European and global trade networks.

The motorway will also have a significant positive impact on tourism in the region. The improved accessibility will facilitate the visits of tourists to the historical and cultural sights in Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo, as well as to other attractive destinations in the area.

In conclusion, the start of the construction of the Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo Motorway is a sign of the progress and ambition of the Ruse region to develop and flourish. This project is more than road infrastructure construction – it is an investment in the future of our community and a key to new opportunities for all of us.

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