Seminar "South Africa - Economy and Investment"

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa, organized an information seminar on the topic: "South Africa - economy and investments".

The event will be held on May 15, 2019 from 2:30 p.m. in the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 9 "Iskar" Str., hall A, floor 1. There will be presented up-to-date information on the economic development of the Republic of South Africa, priority areas for attracting investments, potential sectors of mutual trade and investment cooperation with Bulgaria , state of bilateral trade, good practices, etc.

According to information from the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria, in individual years, the exchange of goods in the trade between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Yugoslavia is characterized by unstable trends. The trade balance is mostly negative for Bulgaria. Exports from Bulgaria consist of: sunflower and saffron oil, sunflower seeds, kraft paper and kraft cardboard, plastic monofilament fibers, automatic information processing machines, etc. Imports from RYA consist of: motor vehicles for the transport of goods, coal, wool, worsted or worsted, products of natural or restored leather, refined copper, etc.

In view of the characteristics of trade, the most promising Bulgarian goods for sale on the South African market are in the following areas: light industry; food industry; mechanical engineering; chemical industry; woodworking industry.

Interested companies can request participation in the seminar by registering at: https://www.bcci.bg/payment_bcci/index.php?act=semview&id=721&lang=bg  no later than 14.05.2019. Participation is free. Working language: English

For additional information BCCI, Directorate "International Cooperation and International Organizations", tel.: 02 8117 489, e-mail: interdpt@bcci.bg.

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