Take the Digital Twins for Smart Manufacturing survey and shape the future of industrial innovation

Take the Digital Twins for Smart Manufacturing project survey

Within the innovative project "Digital Twins for Intelligent Production", we strive to develop and implement virtual twins - a key component in the industrial transformation according to the principles of Industry 4.0. This project not only promises to revolutionize the way we design, test and maintain our machines and production processes, but also supports the creation of a new professional profile – the digital twin technician.

Given the importance of this project for the future of smart manufacturing, we are launching a survey called the Digital Twin Skills Index. The purpose of this survey is to gather the opinions and experiences of professionals with knowledge in the field of digital twins to identify the necessary competencies and skills for the profession of Digital Twin Technician.

By participating in the survey, you contribute to:

  1. Improving the productivity and efficiency of companies in the field of production and maintenance;
  2. Improving the ability of educational and vocational training institutions to adapt their training to the needs of industry.

Your professional experience and opinion are essential to the success of our initiative. The survey includes questions related to the professional profile of a digital twin technician, technical skills and knowledge, as well as "green" skills that are important to maintain sustainable and smart manufacturing.

In addition to developing MOOC courses and running national and international competitions, your participation will help shape training materials to meet the current and future demands of the industrial sector.

We invite you to share your ideas and experiences by taking the survey. Your opinion is valuable to us and will greatly contribute to shaping the future of industrial innovation.

Thank you in advance for your participation and dedication!

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