Digital4Ruse 2024 Strategic focus and business visions with the participation of RTIK (1)

Digital4Ruse 2024: Strategic focus and business visions with RTIK participation

The Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry announces its active participation in the upcoming edition of Digital4Ruse, which will be held on April 13 this year in the historic Dohodno building in the city of Ruse. This event is organized for the third time in a row in our city by the Internet Media Group and brings together leading specialists, entrepreneurs and business leaders under one roof to discuss the directions for development and digital transformation of businesses in the region.

The opening discussion panel "The Digital Future of Business in the Region" will feature the Executive Director of the Chamber, Mr. Milen Dobrev, who will share his experience and views on the transformation that is coming in the near future. Among the participants in the panel will be representatives of leading member companies of the Chamber, including Mr. Uwe Köhler, general manager of Husqvarna Ruse, Mr. Trayan Georgiev, financial manager and procurator of Bader Bulgaria, Mr. Svetoslav Vasilev, manager of Civico and Mr. Velislav Voikov, head of department at SL Industries. All of them will present their perspectives and experiences in the field of digitization, emphasizing the importance of innovation and technological development for business success.

The company Husqvarna Ruse, with a long history in the development of hydraulic drilling equipment, and Bader Bulgaria, a leading manufacturer of premium leather products for the automotive industry, are examples of enterprises that successfully apply innovative approaches to optimize production processes and improve the quality of their products. . Civico is known for its engineering solutions in the field of automation, while SL Industries offers quality metal components and systems, proven to improve the efficiency and productivity of its customers.

The Digital4Ruse event provides an opportunity for all participants to benefit from shared experiences and best practices in the field of digital innovation. The Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry emphasizes the importance of this event for the local business community and the opportunities it opens up for the development and competitiveness of regional business.

In addition, the Chamber offers special discounts to representatives of member companies and the wider business community in our region. Each attendee has the opportunity to benefit from a 30% discount off the standard price of single tickets for the event by using promo code RCCI30 during your registration. This is our recognition of our members' continued support and commitment to regional business development and innovation.

We look forward to you sharing this exciting moment with us and taking advantage of the discount offered to be a part of this key event for our business community. Register now and join us at Digital4Ruse, where together we will define the future of digital transformation in the region.

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