RTIK and BRTPP developed the renewed investment profile of Ruse Municipality

RCCI and BRCCI developed the renewed investment profile of Ruse Municipality

Municipality of Ruse published your updated investment profile, which takes into account the dynamic development of the region and the new social and economic realities. The implementation of the strategic document was assigned to the two leading business organizations in the region - the Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The development of the profile is based on a radically new approach to the presentation of business information for investors, and draws on the long-term experience of both organizations in working with large companies, investors and their real information needs. 

The previous investment profile of the Municipality of Ruse was developed in 2017/2018, and the information and statistical data on which it was built were mainly from the period 2011-2016. This in itself implied the urgent revision, as from the point of view of the the data, both in terms of structure and scope. In order to be maximally useful and adequate in relation to the set goals, the investment profile must be periodically updated, but also fully adapted to the needs and expectations of potential investors from information.

During development, a plan was drawn up to gather all the necessary information and statistics. Various methods were used for this purpose - inquiries from institutions and agencies, interviews, desk research, study of academic and other sources, etc. The institutional support of the Municipality of Ruse was also of key importance, which helped to update and calibrate the technical information.

An expert team took part in the development of the project proposal:

Milen Dobrev, Executive Director of the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of business relations, investments, foreign trade, regional development, economic cooperation, entrepreneurship, professional training for business, sustainable development. Member of a number of local and regional bodies and councils related to the formation of local policy on economic development and investment promotion. Extremely intensive international contacts with organizations, institutions and business from abroad and an active role in building a positive reputation of the local business and the region abroad.

Eleonora Ivanova, part of the BRTPP family since its creation in 2003, when she was invited by 30 leading Bulgarian and Romanian founding companies to become its Executive Director. Over the years, he tirelessly expanded the team and the activities of the Chamber, gradually turning it into a recognizable business community.

During the development of the profile, along with the long-term experience of the expert teams from the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, external experts were also involved, who gave their expert input and recommendations for improving the content:

  • Mr. Borislav Stefanov - long-time director of the Bulgarian Investment Agency, graduate of Harvard Business School, Boston, employee of Boston Consulting Group in Moscow
  • Engineer Plamen Panchev – executive director of Trakia Economic Zone
  • Mr. Margarit Vutov - Regional Manager of the First Investment Bank for North-Eastern Bulgaria and Chairman of the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
  • Mr. Valeri Andreev - expert in investment projects, deputy mayor for economy and investments of the Municipality of Ruse 2003-2007, executive director of National Company Industrial Zones (2009-2013), deputy. Chairman of the Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
  • Mr. Péter Lőrincze – President of the Federation of Danube Chambers and Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Budapest, Hungary
  • Ms. Laura Lecci (tbc.) - President of the European Business and Innovation centers Network, Brussels, Belgium

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