DIGITRANS provides grants of 2,000 euros for the digitization of small businesses

DIGITRANS provides grants of 2,000 euros for the digitization of small businesses

The DIGITRANS program, funded by the European Commission and managed by the World Bank, offers significant subsidies and expert assistance for the digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises in Bulgaria. About 200 companies will have the opportunity to receive a 2,000 euro digitalization subsidy each, as well as free expert support worth a total of 15,000 euros. The application deadline is July 15.

Criteria for participation

All companies registered in Bulgaria at least 12 months ago, which have a low level of digitization of work processes, can participate in the program. An additional requirement is that companies have between 5 and 35 full-time employees, including owners and managers. There are no formal restrictions on the sector of activity, and the aim is to include enterprises from different fields in which something new and useful is created.

Application procedure

Applicants have to fill an online form at program site, providing general information about the company and the digital tools used. No special references from the NRA or accounting certificates are required.

What will the approved companies receive?

Approved companies will receive three forms of support – informational, financial and overall:

  1. Information support – Remote conversations with consultants before the start and at the end of the project, to assess the level of digitization and propose concrete solutions.
  2. Financial help – A subsidy of 2,000 euros for digitization of activities, including the purchase of licenses or the acquisition of software.
  3. Comprehensive support – Site visit and preparation of digital transformation plan with specific steps and implementation schedule.

In addition, training sessions focused on the practical applications of digital technologies are planned for the approved companies.

Important aspects of the program

The approval procedure is aimed at companies that have a low level of digitization, such as managing processes through spreadsheets. Key processes considered important include marketing and communications management, customer management and cash flow management.

The DIGITRANS program offers a promising opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises in Bulgaria to increase the level of digitization of their activities and become more competitive on the market. For more information and to apply, visit the program website before the July 15 deadline.

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