Project "EYES: Encouraging the Entrepreneurial Spirit" is entering its final phase

Project EYES Encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit is entering its final phase

Project "EYES: Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit", in which RTIK participates as a partner, enters its final phase.

Over the past months, the project consortium has been working hard to create training to support young entrepreneurs to start their own entrepreneurial activity and/or business. In the coming months, the training itself will start, and three of the young entrepreneurs who took part will have the opportunity to participate in a three-day exchange that will take place in Germany. The three-day event will give them the opportunity to meet other young entrepreneurs from Europe, with whom they can exchange experiences and good practices.

For more information on upcoming project activities, keep an eye on our website as well as Facebook page of RCCI.

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ program of the EU and aims to promote the development of a collective entrepreneurial culture and democratic values among young people.

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