Updating the List of Vocational Education and Trained Occupations

The National Agency for Vocational Education and Training publishes questionnaires by fields of education in order to update occupations

The Advisory Council on Vocational Education and Training to the Minister of Education, in which the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) has a direct and active participation, adopted a decision to optimize and update the List of Professions for Vocational Education and Training /SPPOO/. The aim is to analyze and update the SPPEO. A sectoral approach will be applied in the review of occupations and specialties by professional areas. A better match between the demand for skills in the labor market and the supply of qualifications by education and training requires an analysis of the relevance to professions and specialties in VETET.

In this regard, the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAPEO) has taken a series of actions, starting with published questionnaires by fields of education at the following link: https://www.navet.government.bg/bg/vaprosnitsi-otnosno- actualiziraneto-na-spisaka-na-profesiite-za-profesionalno-obrazovanie-i-obuchenie/

Given the short deadlines for preparing the analysis, it is advisable to indicate the answers to the questions about the field in which you work and/or are interested by September 3 of this year. Despite the limited time, BTPP believes that the participation of branch organizations and companies will help to bring the professional knowledge of learners as close as possible to the needs of the labor market.

Source: BCCI

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