What is the relationship between Industry 4.0 and industrial data analytics?

What is the relationship between Industry 4.0 and industrial data analysis?

When asking such a question it is important to look deeper. Understanding the meaning of industrial data is a way we can see how it relates to Industry 4.0. In fact, the real question is not how these two things are related, but how they are not!

These days, it's all about data. Whether we are talking about new technologies, the information age or Industry 4.0, the collection and use of data is what connects them.

Robotics, additive manufacturing, augmented reality. To develop each of these innovative concepts we need data as a key element to create this new ecosystem. This is why data means analysis.

In the industrial world, data leads the way. They are the ones who keep the "machine" alive. This is how innovation can be fostered. The way new features can be added to existing systems to make them even better. Think about it: social media is an industry, search engines are also an industry, which is part of the industries of the future. So how are they maintained?

Of course, collecting data and using that data to make improvements, create new features, and add innovative ways to make the user experience easier.

When we mention data, we are only talking about the kind of data that can be used. In other words, the actual data that can provide users with the kinds of information that can be used to achieve positive, or in some cases, negative outcomes.

Aiming to achieve several goals, data-related activities are spread throughout the chain and the life cycle of each product affected by it. And the connection doesn't stop there. It's not just about data and Industry 4.0. There are aspects that go beyond Industry 4.0 in terms of technology, data and the multitude of applications that add value in smart manufacturing.

With animation systems that exceed our imagination, combined with Industry 4.0 practices and the use of data, we are already talking about faster and more sustainable production processes that focus on creating smart devices to facilitate every aspect of life of the person.

These efforts are bringing improvements in many areas. Whether we are talking about our daily life, the global market or market research. Both in theory and in practice, Industry 4.0 is everywhere and especially in the things we use every day, like the smartphone, for example. They are improving and will continue to do so over the years, thanks to Industry 4.0 and industrial data analytics.

Source: RESTART 4.0

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