XIV edition of the competition "Biggest corporate donor" of the Bulgarian Donor Forum (BDF)

XIV edition of the competition Largest corporate donor of the Bulgarian Donor Forum (BDF)

The XIV edition of the Bulgarian Donor Forum's (BDF) "Biggest Corporate Donor" competition will award companies with the most sustainable and transparent investments in significant public causes in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Donor Forum (BDF) organizes for the fourteenth time in a row the "Biggest Corporate Donor" competition, which promotes good practices and honors active local donors. The awards will be presented to companies that support socially significant causes in Bulgaria, divided into a total of nine categories:

1. Largest volume of financial donations

2. Largest volume of non-financial donations (goods, materials, services)

3. Greatest contribution through voluntary work of employees

4. Most generous giver

5. Best donation program

6. Best Small and Medium Enterprise Program

7. Best Local Donor Donor Program

8. Most sustainable donation program

9. Most successful partnership.

The ceremony for awarding the winners will take place in the building of the presidential administration on November 21, 2019, traditionally hosted by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Nominations and self-nominations for the "Largest Corporate Donor" contest are accepted until 5:00 p.m. on October 1, 2019. An application form can be downloaded from the BDF website. The necessary documents must be sent to e-mail: apaunova@dfbulgaria.org or to the postal address: Sofia 1124, "Leonardo da Vinci" St. № 4B, floor 2, Bulgarian Donor Forum.

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