WITTE Automotive Bulgaria (WAB) received its next Class A certificate

The Minister of Innovation and Growth visited WAB

Today, the Minister of Innovation and Growth, Alexander Pulev, presented a class A certificate, issued in accordance with the Law on the Promotion of Investments, to the manager of "WITTE Automotive Bulgaria", Dr. Hristo Hristov. The document was issued on the occasion of the planned second expansion of the production base in Ruse, the investment of which is BGN 23 million.

Minister Pulev was accompanied by the chief of staff, Krasimir Yakimov, and together they were able to learn details of the company's history and future plans, as well as to examine the production part.

"I see why you are a key investor in Ruse. You are extremely trusted by your customers, and your consistency and responsibility towards them is the sure success," said the Minister.

The investment project "Second expansion of a plant for the production of electronic and mechanical parts for the automotive industry, Ruse" is expected to be implemented by 2025. During the implementation period of the project and as a result of it, 302 new jobs will be created.

It envisages the construction of a new production building, which, in addition to the production part, will include social premises, a storage area, laboratories, workshops for manufacturing technological equipment, stations for freight vehicles and other offices.

For WAB, this is the third Class A Certificate in a row. The first was given in 2013 for the construction of the plant, and the second in 2017 for the expansion of the plant. According to them, a total of over BGN 63 million has been invested in the plant in Ruse and over 1,000 jobs have been created.

The manager of "WITTE Automotive Bulgaria" Dr. Hristo Hristov shared his pride that precisely WITTE Automotive Bulgaria is once again contributing to the economic development of the city, creating additional jobs and helping to turn the area into an attractive place for investments. "This certificate gives us self-confidence that we are on the right track in the development of the company and strengthen our position as the largest and most reliable employer in the region. Our employees can rest assured that their future is secure because there will be work."

 "WITTE Automotive - Key concepts for the automotive world!

All well-known car brands include "WITTE" products. With innovative solutions and technological know-how, "WITTE" has been a sought-after partner for its automotive customers from all over the world for many decades. Numerous locking and operating systems, as well as hinges, seat devices and chamber modules have been developed and manufactured by WITTE for them. Specialized centers for excellent quality of plastic, stamping and casting technologies have been established to ensure functional, qualitative, ecological and price excellence.

In addition to the four factories in Germany, in the rest of Europe the company "WITTE Automotive" is represented in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. WITTE Automotive's global presence includes the US, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan and South Korea as part of the Vehicle Access Systems Technologies (VAST) alliance. 

"WITTE Automotive" - Key concepts for the automotive world!

"WITTE Automotive Bulgaria" EOOD
7009 Ruse, Slatina area
19 Industrial Park St
Contact person: Adriana Mihaylova
082 816 616, 0878 407 390
Facebook: WITTE Automotive BG

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