VITTE Automotive Bulgaria continues to work and retains all its employees

The largest employer in Ruse retains all of its staff, despite the difficulties of the emergency situation.

Due to the complex global situation in Europe and America, many of the company's customers - car manufacturers - stop their production, which leads to a decrease in orders for VITTE Automotive Bulgaria. The company is forced to slow down and stop production for 2 weeks.

The company is doing everything possible to maintain its capacity and taking advantage of the government's measures will maintain staff and capacity to be able to continue the pace of development after the crisis subsides and the markets recover in the coming weeks and months.

Workflow for production teams is organized to ensure maximum time for social isolation, which includes different time periods for different teams.

The restoration of the normal rhythm of the company depends on the duration of the state of emergency. The company will resume operations in stages in week 15 and 16.

WITTE Automotive Bulgaria continues to operate and retains all its employees

Part of Dr. Hristov's (Company Manager) address to the employees:

"Payment of salaries, bonuses and vouchers for the month of March and the following months of the year. First of all, I want to assure you that the first concern of the management of the company is to ensure the salaries of its employees in full and on time, as this is extremely important for your safety and that of your families.

I would like to assure you with my full responsibility to your manager and your colleague that ensuring the stability of the company and your safety and security is our first concern. Rest assured that your job and wages are guaranteed. We have no intention of laying off staff, on the contrary – to keep you. You are highly qualified, responsible and loyal employees with whom we have achieved the success of the company so far.

"VITTE Automotive - Key concepts for the automotive world!"

All well-known car brands include "VITTE" products. With innovative solutions and technological know-how, "VITTE" has been a sought-after partner for its automotive customers from all over the world for many decades. Numerous locking and operating systems, as well as hinges, seat devices and chamber modules have been developed and manufactured by VITTE for them.

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