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Green ideas and young entrepreneurs - first-hand experience from Elias Canetti PGU

As part of the GenZ4GreenDeal project, experts from the Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry visited students from the Professional High School of Economics and Management "Elias Canetti" to discuss their green entrepreneurial ideas. The GenZ4GreenDeal project, financed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission, aims precisely to support young people with ideas through various training initiatives and materials, exchange of know-how and technology transfer.

One of the innovative concepts was presented by Tsvetina Georgieva and Mihaela Stoyanova, who aim to create batteries powered by the Aloe Vera plant. This initiative not only seeks to use clean energy, but also to address the environmental hazards posed by waste from conventional batteries. "Our innovation comes from the desire to prevent the pollution of nature with waste - a common sight that darkens our landscapes," explains Tsvetina.

Radoslav Stefanov, for his part, is dealing with another critical problem, namely rising carbon dioxide levels. Radoslav has developed an advertising campaign that will be featured on the school's website and aims to inform the public about the carbon footprint and inspire action to mitigate this effect. "People are often unaware of the seriousness of CO2 emissions. Through constant reminders, we can foster a more conscious society," he stated.

Another noteworthy presentation was by Darina Yoneva, who proposed the development of an organic farm as a school base. This initiative aims to integrate organic farming into the school curriculum, allowing students to directly engage in sustainable and healthy food production. “This is more than an educational project; it's about cultivating a lifestyle that respects and protects the environment,” says Darina.

The ideas of young people from PGIU reflect a wider trend among young people in Bulgaria, who are increasingly aware of environmental problems and are motivated to seek innovative solutions. The Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry expresses a commitment to support these young entrepreneurs during their academic and potential professional journey in the field of green entrepreneurship.

As these young innovators make their mark, they contribute not only to environmental sustainability, but also to the economic and social fabric of their community, paving the way for a greener future.

The conversations with the young people are collected in a video report, which you can see below.

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