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Innovation and sustainability: Direct from Norway under the Green Change Ambassadors project

The Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RTIK), which is the main engine for innovative and sustainable development in the region, is organizing a current business visit to Norway. Within the project "Green Change Agents', the visit aims to promote green innovation and sustainable practices among local businesses. The project partner is Prios Kompetanse from Norway, and the financing is provided by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

The event is a key component of RTIK's broad initiative to change the approach to sustainable business. It provides participants with a unique insight into the Norwegian model for sustainable development, offering real examples that can be adapted and applied in the Bulgarian context.

The delegation, led by RTIK's executive director Mr. Milen Dobrev and project and program expert Irena Ivanova, includes various Bulgarian companies united by their pursuit of innovation and development:

  1. Belsystems Ltd – a leader in the production of synthetic tarpaulin products. With more than 15 years of experience, the company combines high-quality equipment with a professional team to deliver quality products.
  2. Proptes Ltd. – a company that focuses on monitoring and improving air quality in buildings. Their solutions contribute to improved health, safety and well-being of people while optimizing energy efficiency.
  3. Nova Linia EOOD – a proven manufacturer of high-quality women's and children's clothing. Located in Ruse, the company is dedicated to sustainability and a high standard of production, as proven by its certificates.
  4. Hay Group Ltd - representative of green energy in Bulgaria. With its innovative solutions, the company works for a cleaner and more sustainable future.
  5. Q Online Ltd – specialist in the field of IoT solutions. Their commitment to innovation helps them offer customized solutions for smart cities, agriculture and industrial applications.
  6. Anadar Print Ltd – an expert in the production of archive boxes and other document storage products. Since 1993, they have established themselves as the preferred partner for quality archival solutions.

During our trip, we have the privilege of visiting a number of innovative and sustainable companies and organizations that play a key role in the development of the circular economy and waste management in the country.

  • Innherred Renovasjon: Our first stop was at Innherred Renovasjon, an inter-district company specializing in renovation, which handles waste in nine districts. It is known for implementing modern technologies for efficient waste management.
  • Ecopro: Then we visited Ecopro - a facility for processing mud and food waste from 52 municipalities. Here we received information about innovations in the production of biogas, which can be used as a full-fledged alternative to diesel fuel.
  • CIVAC: This resource cluster is a unique initiative bringing together different enterprises with the common mission of developing new value chains in the circular economy. It offers an ideal opportunity for Bulgarian entrepreneurs to collaborate and expand their activities in the sustainable innovation sector.
  • Ocean GeoLoop and Skogn Retura IR: These businesses are leading the way in the use of innovative CO2 capture and storage technologies, while offering comprehensive waste solutions in the context of the circular economy.
  • Use: Before our return, we will also visit Brukom, a unique upcycled store offering everything from furniture to home accessories, except clothes. This is the place that demonstrates the true meaning of sustainable consumption and recycling.

The visit offers an opportunity for direct contact with Norwegian enterprises that are leaders in sustainable innovation. This not only broadens horizons, but also supports local SMEs in integrating green practices and sustainable solutions into their own operations.

The project is ambitious and aimed at the transformation of the local business environment. Besides providing knowledge and competences for sustainable business, the project also promotes trade exchange and partnerships between SMEs from Bulgaria and Norway. The objectives of the project are specific and measurable, including strengthening the capacity of RTIK, integration of green skills in SMEs and sustainability of the achieved results.

The exchange visit is an important step towards achieving these goals and transforming the way local businesses see and implement sustainable practices.

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