A high-speed train will connect Ruse with Bucharest airport

Modernization of the Bucharest-Gyurghevo railway line: new opportunities and benefits for the Ruse region

The project to modernize the railway line between Bucharest and Giurgiu will bring significant benefits to citizens and businesses in the Ruse region. After the completion of the first stage of the project, the time for transporting passengers and goods will be reduced by 80 minutes. This will facilitate communication and transport between Ruse and the Romanian capital.

In the long term, the modernization of the railway line will increase operational speed and safety conditions for passengers and freight, making rail transport more attractive and competitive. Residents of Northern Bulgaria will be able to travel by train directly to Otopeni Airport, which has twice as much air traffic and many more destinations than Sofia.

Better transport infrastructure will help business development in the Ruse region by facilitating the transport of goods and employee travel between Bulgaria and Romania. The project is compatible with Romania's more ambitious plans to develop the Arges and Dumbovica rivers, as well as to create an artificial Bucharest-Danube canal, which could create additional opportunities for transport and trade in the area.

To read the full article, click here. Author: Monika Varbanova, Capital newspaper.

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