Introducing Express Service Ltd

Express Service-OOD OOD

The team of the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to welcome Express Service Ltd. to the largest and most active business community in the region.

Express Service Ltd. is the legal successor of LVZ "Vasil Kolarov", an enterprise with over 150 years of history, a national leader in locomotive repairs and the only manufacturer of new locomotives in Bulgaria. The company develops activity in three areas related to locomotives - repair, production of new locomotives and freight railway transport. Their main activity is concentrated in their plant at Obraztsov Chiflik station near the city of Ruse. There they manufacture diesel and battery shunting locomotives, repair and maintain all types of electric and diesel locomotives for their domestic customers.

As can be seen from the photos, the factory buildings are new and well equipped. The plant employs over 130 highly qualified engineers and specialists, performing work activities in areas related to electronics, electrical equipment, mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics and mechatronics. Customers of their repair services are some of the largest private railway carriers, as well as individual industrial enterprises, owners of locomotives. Their new shunting locomotives find realization in the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa.

The mission of Express Service Ltd. is to help everyone who carries out railway transport and owns locomotives. Their commitment to their customers and care for their employees are the main prerequisites for the prosperity of their enterprise.

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