The Ruse biodiesel refinery "Astra Bioplant" - in the top three companies in the country in terms of revenue

The company displaces Lukoil and thus takes the leading position in the "Fuels" sector according to Capital's annual ranking.

Rousse biodiesel refinery Astra Bioplant in the top three companies in the country in terms of revenue

The Astra Bioplant project, part of the Bullmarket group, began in 2007 with the design and construction of a modern plant for the production of vegetable oils and biodiesel. It complies with all the rules and requirements of the European Community. At the moment, the group operates at 30 production sites and the capacity is over 300 thousand tons of biodiesel per year.

Astra Bioplant's production facilities are strategically located 20 km away. east of the town of Ruse near the Danube Bridge. Oilseeds have traditionally been harvested in the region, and in this way the requirements for raw materials necessary for the production of biodiesel are fully met.

The location of the plant also helps to easily carry out deliveries both to Bulgarian and Romanian customers and to Western European destinations. The production facilities are located 5 km from the Danube river and 9 km from the Bulmarket port. 

Today, the company ranks third in terms of revenue in the country and first in its sector, and for the last year this indicator amounted to BGN 3,336,886. This is a positive change of 91,94% compared to the previous year. In second place is the state-owned NEC with revenues of BGN 4,118,028, and the leader in the Capital ranking is the German mining plant "Aurubis" with revenues of BGN 6,614,395. 

Read more about the ranking HERE.

The Ruse biodiesel refinery Astra Bioplant in the top three of the companies in the country in terms of revenue
Source: Capital

In recent years, the company's attention has been directed to second-generation biofuels, which save 40% more carbon emissions than those of the first and nearly 10 times more than mineral fuels. The share of second-generation biodiesel in the total production volume of "Astra Bioplant" reaches 30%. The goal is to grow to 60-65% in the next 3 to 5 years. "This is the fuel that best fits into the new low-carbon reality we are striving for," the company stated in an interview with Capital and added that their long-term goal - by 2035 is for the enterprise itself to achieve carbon neutrality. 

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