An initiative of the European Commission will optimize the production processes of companies in Ruse as well

An initiative of the European Commission will optimize the production processes of companies in Ruse as well

Work on the European initiative ADMA (European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre) is about to start in Ruse, which aims to provide industrial solutions for the optimization of small and medium-sized enterprises. The task was undertaken by certified auditors in the area, in cooperation with the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

ADMA aims to solve some of the chronic problems of small enterprises - the lack of automation and optimization of production, assimilation of ideas for a more efficient way of working, digitization. The European Commission recognizes the need for a clear strategy to generate added value for European citizens, and small companies have a hidden potential that can be unlocked precisely for this purpose.

Implementation of modern methodologies is done in order for companies to create a process for continuous improvements in all layers of their work: production, marketing, supply chain, social life and finance. This can be achieved by engaging ADMA's specially trained auditors, who can do an industrial analysis of the current state of the company, and prepare a report with recommendations and guidelines for improving work processes.

ADMA's strategy is to provide training to in-house trainers who will spread this knowledge in the company and it will become part of the daily life of all employees.

Ruse can now boast of successful pilot testing of the strategy, which is also the first for the country.

More information about the strategy: http://www.adma.ec/

If your company is interested in the initiative, you can contact the "driver" of the idea - Vladi Velikov (velikov@improvinn.com). Mr. Velikov has extensive experience and over 13 years of practice in implementing methods for efficient production, he worked on projects to increase efficiency in some of the largest companies in Bulgaria and Europe. He is approved as a manufacturing process consultant by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Conducts trainings and implements technologies in the field of Synchronous Planning and Production Organization.

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