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Students from AEG met with Mr. Milen Dobrev - executive director of Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry

On February 23, 2024, students from XI and XII classes who are studying "Entrepreneurship and Career Development" and "Leadership Skills and Team Effectiveness" within the profile subject of Entrepreneurship gathered to have an inspiring meeting with Mr. Millen Dobrev, executive director of the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RTIK).

Mr. Dobrev, who is responsible for the overall operational management of RTIK and coordinates a number of national and international projects in the field of regional development and economic cooperation, shared valuable experiences and expertise with the students. The topics of the conversation covered the importance of skills and attitudes for competitiveness, the role of education for personal and professional growth, and the importance of effective communication and cultural awareness in today's business world.

The meeting was evaluated as interesting and exciting by the students, who expressed a desire for more similar initiatives. To the question "Are you happy at your workplace?" Mr. Dobrev responded as follows: “Yes, I am happy! When a person is satisfied, enthusiastic and dedicated in what he does, he gives his all and inevitably manages to attract and "infect" the people around him. On the occasion of the interest of some of the high school students, how exactly one of his working days passes, he shared: "Dynamic, varied, interesting. The most important thing is to do something more than yesterday and a little more for tomorrow every day - that's how you keep moving forward and develop."

This opportunity for direct contact with a professional from the business sector provided students with valuable perspective and inspiration for their future career path.

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