AOBR's proposals for changes in the Methodology for the National Map of Higher Education

The Association of Bulgarian Employers' Organizations (AOBR) sent a proposal to the Minister of Education and Science to update the Methodology for the National Map of Higher Education of the Republic of Bulgaria by including new indicators for the data provided by the Rating System of Higher Education Institutions in Bulgaria.

Proposals of AOBR for changes in the Methodology to the National map of higher education

The employers propose to add criteria in the Methodology that give a real connection with the needs of the labor market. Currently, the map gives a snapshot of jobs held by graduates, but does not make it clear whether they are actually employed in their specialty, nor what are the requirements for holding these jobs. Criteria should be added that represent, on the one hand, the number of students in majors, and on the other, the number and type of jobs that are currently occupied by persons over 55 and over 60 years of age and require a qualification acquired in a specific professional field of higher education. This criterion, this comparison, will make it possible to evaluate the jobs that will become vacant in the coming years (in the medium and long term) (due to retirement) and the necessary number of students from the relevant professional field that will be needed for to occupy them. AOBR proposes to include indicators measuring the degree of satisfaction of graduated students and employers.

All indicators should create objective prerequisites for improving the quality of education, as well as conditions for competition between universities.

The full text of the letter to the Minister of Education and Science Academician Nikolay Denkov with the proposals and reasons of the employers HERE.

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