New edition of the brochure "Bulgaria in figures" ® 2021

BCCI presented the new edition of the brochure "Bulgaria in numbers" ® 2021, which collects in one place information on the main macroeconomic indicators of our country and the assessment of a number of leading international institutes and organizations.

The brochure is issued for the 12th consecutive year by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and partners. 

The publication presents information on the main economic indicators, taxation, GDP, volume and structure of exports and imports, FDI, tourism, labor market, consumer prices, etc. The brochure provides an overview of 27 rankings of international institutes and organizations that reflect the place of our country according to various criteria and give an assessment of their current state, which are also a starting point for investors. Among them are the business environment, healthcare, the rule of law, competitiveness, digitalization and others. 

With the new edition of the "Bulgaria in Figures" ® 2021 brochure, BCCI hopes to give investors a clearer picture of the business environment in Bulgaria. 

Link to brochure: 

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