RTIK became part of the Danube Digital Innovation Hub

RTIK became part of the Danube Digital Innovation Hub

The Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry became a co-founder of the Danube Digital Innovation Hub (DI DIH) association – a large-scale consortium including representatives of the local government, academic, expert and professional communities in the region. The executive director of the Chamber, Milen Dobrev, for his part, was elected chairman of the supervisory board of the hub.

The consortium will develop as a coordinating structure for the pro-innovation ecosystem not only in Ruse, but also in the entire North Central region, with the ambition to build partnerships and make connections with other regions in Bulgaria and Europe. In this way, it will also play a crucial role in the internationalization of local innovative entrepreneurs and companies.

Among the main goals of the association is the creation of a single unit to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and structures of public administrations in the region. It will provide open access to technology, expertise and experimental facilities, shared workspaces and open databases, as well as consultancy services for pre-investment studies, analysis, evaluation and testing of initiatives and product innovations.

The sectors that DI DIH prioritizes in its future activity are informatics and information and communication technologies, mechatronics and clean technologies. They are in accordance with the strategy for smart specialization of Bulgaria and in particular the Innovation strategy for smart specialization of the north central region.

The innovation hub also aims to support the digital transformation of existing professions; creates and develops digital networks and other forms of shared research and educational infrastructures; contributes to the achievement of the intelligent specialization of the regions in the Danube area for the realization of the pan-European goal of a smarter Europe through innovation, digitalization, economic change and support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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