Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry works on a social initiative supporting children and youth with autism

Ruse Chamber of Commercial Industrial Works on a social initiative supporting children and youth with autism 1

Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry has started work on a new social initiative, which aims to support children and young people with autism. The initiative is implemented thanks to a project "ACTIvE - supporting children with autism to gain independence", financed by the Erasmus+ program of the EU.

Through the activities planned under the project, it is aimed to promote the social integration of young people with autism by developing innovative practices for their inclusion in Europe. RTIK, as part of the project consortium, will have the opportunity to:

– Provide educators and psychologists working in the school context with innovative good practices to improve their competencies for working with children with autism;

– Support the development of a strong and long-lasting relationship between all stakeholders (families, teachers, NGOs working with autism) in school that can stimulate the integration of students with autism in Europe.

– Promote the social inclusion of children with autism through talent development.

In order to successfully achieve the aforementioned goals, the project will develop a comprehensive curriculum including all key skills and competencies related to working with children with autism, as well as a specific online platform providing innovative learning opportunities and a space for collaboration and sharing experience between teachers and students.

You can follow the progress of the project activities in its official website Facebook page.

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