Seminar training for energy consultants

On June 20-21, a seminar training for energy consultants from the register under Art. 60 of ZEE according to the developed methodological guidelines, as well as to representatives of enterprises, incl. SMEs.

The training is implemented under the project "Increasing the awareness and capacity of Bulgarian enterprises to implement energy efficiency activities and measures and create a business model to support the scheme for obligations for energy savings and related activities".

Priority axis 3. BG16RFOP002-3 "Energy and resource efficiency"
Investment priority 3.1. "Energy technologies and energy efficiency"
Budget line BG16RFOP002-3.003
Contract No. BG16RFOP002-3.003-0001-C01/02.05.2018

Within the framework of the training, the participants will receive valuable information about the European "Energy Efficiency First" principle, which is the focus of European Energy Union policies with its three pillars – secure, clean and competitive energy, and five dimensions – energy security; internal energy market; energy efficiency, decarbonization; research, innovation and competitiveness.
Lecturers in the training are experienced experts who know in detail the legal basis and the practice of its application.
The training is two days long and free of charge for the participants, financed with the funds of the Operational Program "Innovations and Competitiveness" 2014-2020.

Upon successful completion of the training, each participant will receive a certificate from the Agency for Sustainable Energy Development.
Any organization can register participants in the seminar training, such as for Ruse, it will be held on June 20 and 21. 

There will also be trainings in:

Varna, May 27-28, 2019
Burgas, May 29-30, 2019
Pleven, June 18-19, 2019
Sofia, June 25-26, 2019
Plovdiv, June 27-28, 2019

Participants will be registered in the order in which requests are received!
Each participant will be provided with a package of training materials.
Coffee breaks and lunches are provided for all participants.
In addition, participants arriving from out of town for the training are provided with dinner, overnight stay and their travel expenses are covered.

https://energy-training.eu/ – link for registration and detailed information about the trainings 

Application deadline: up to one week before the training date.
In case of comments and/or questions - office@vumk.eu or by phone: 058/655 622; 052/460 546. Contact person: N. Malenkina, organizer

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