The evolution of Industry 4.0

The evolution of Industry 4.0

The 2018 Future of Jobs report states: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution interacts with other socio-economic and demographic factors to create the perfect storm of business model change across all industries". But what exactly will change? As indicated in the report, new job categories will be created to replace existing ones. The required skills and way of working will also be transformed. These changes will have a different impact on men and women and will change the dynamics of the gender gap in the industry. Industry 4.0 can improve the development of people and their skills, while new production technologies gradually emerge. Among the most interesting sectors are:

1) Modern production solutions

2) Additive manufacturing

3) Augmented Reality (AR)

4) Simulation

5) Horizontal and vertical integration

6) Industrial Internet

7) Cloud services

8) Cyber Security

9) Big Data Analytics

However, the problem that arises suggests that the skills of the current employees are not suitable for new production technologies. What could be the solution? There is no need to add so many new work rules, but rather to develop a plan for the digital literacy of adults and thereby update their workforce.

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