Instructions for payment of compensation for employers

Instructions for payment of compensation for employers

With the adoption of Decree No. 55 of March 30, 2020 on determining the terms and conditions for payment of compensation to employers in order to preserve the employment of workers and employees during the state of emergency, announced by a decision of the National Assembly of March 13, 2020 ( Decree), the Employment Agency opened a procedure for employers to apply for compensation payments in order to preserve the employment of workers during the state of emergency.

RTIK hereby presents brief information regarding the possibility of applying.

1. The employers who can apply for the payment of compensation are those whose activity is directly affected by the restrictive measures imposed by order of a state authority. Employers who, with their order, on the basis of Art. 120c, para. 1 CT have suspended the work of the enterprise or a part of it or individual workers and employees, or by their order on the basis of Art. 138a, para. 2 KT have established part-time working hours in the enterprise or in its unit.

2. Employers who carry out economic activity in the Republic of Bulgaria, have no obligations for taxes and insurance contributions, have not been declared and are not in bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings can apply for the payment of the compensations, who will keep the employment of the workers and employees. for which they have received compensation and do not terminate the employment contracts of the workers on the basis of Art. 328, para. 1, item 2, 3, 4 CT during the compensation period, as well as they do not have an established criminal decree or court decision.

Another additional condition is that the workers and employees, for whom compensation is requested, are insured in the economic activities specified in the List of economic activities under Art. 2, para. 1, item 2 according to the Classification of Economic Activities (KID -2008). Employers from other economic activities that do not fall into the list will also be able to receive compensation after certifying a reduction in sales revenue of no less than 20 percent in the month preceding the month of submission of the application.

3. An employer whose sector is affected and meets the requirements specified in the Decree can apply electronically in all Directorates of the "Labor Bureau" in the country in the period from March 31 to April 21, 2020, inclusive. If it is impossible to submit the documents remotely, they can be submitted on paper, subject to the measures against the spread of COVID-19.

The information provided by RTIK and BTPP is intended to serve as a guide, but it is necessary for each employer to comply with its specific activity and PMS No. 55/30.03.2020.

RTIC will highly appreciate any ideas and proposals to amend this regulation, with a view to its improvement after analysis by the MTSP.

For ideas, information and answers to specific questions, you can contact BCCI directly by e-mail: lawyer@bcci.bg or by phone 02 8117 583.

More information and about the required documents: https://www.az.government.bg/pages/izplashtane-na-kompensacii-za-zapazwane-na-zaetostta/

Link to the decree:


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