Project FINMAN: Information Bulletin 1

FINMAN (Personal Finance Management Program) is a 24-month adult training project under the Erasmus + KA2 program

The team is composed of:

Our aim:

The FINMAN project aims to reach people with low financial skills and improve their financial literacy. 

Within the project, the consortium will develop:

  • Modular training course;
  • Online training platform and online database of financial experts / organizations; 
  • Trainer's Guide;
  • FINMAN Cooperation Plan.

These materials will cover the most significant financial literacy topics, providing real-life oriented knowledge. This will enable the target group to make better, more informed and more responsible financial decisions.

What we've done so far:

To understand society's current needs and gaps in financial literacy, the partners organized focus group discussions in their countries.

The discussions covered 8 main topics: taxes, savings and investments, loans and mortgages, online banking, cyber security, pensions, social security and thinking about the future, personal and business budgeting and finally, wages and elements of the employment contract.

During the interesting discussions, both experts and end-users shared their concerns and opinions about financial literacy, in many cases highlighting the public's need for more information on the subject. Some specifics and peculiarities in the individual partner countries regarding tax policy and types of contracts were also outlined.

For more details and information about the conclusions drawn - here.

What next:

Based on the knowledge gaps and required skills identified through the focus groups conducted, the partners are now finalizing the training methodology on which the training content will be developed.

At the same time, the consortium distributes the responsibilities of each partner for the creation of financial literacy training modules based on the expertise of each of the participating organizations. 

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