Project COL-CREATION: The results

Over the past 30 months, Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in partnership with 5 other partner organizations from Spain, the Netherlands and Austria, has been working on a project "COL-CREATION: Developing a training program to improve collaboration and co-creation in the creative industries", funded by the EU's Erasmus+ programme. The main goal of the project is to increase the competencies of those working in the field of creative industries and to provide them with the skills to develop successful business models and solutions through joint cooperation.

During the first phase the project carried out a study organized in the form of a focus group with representatives of the creative industries, educational institutions and continuing education and training organizations from the region. The main objective of the event was to discuss the future potential of the project, the exploitation of its results by various stakeholders, as well as the main aspects to be emphasized in the development of the training content.

In the second phase of the project, both the training content of the project and the specially created platform to house all the developed materials were created. The training course was organized into 5 training modules to help improve teamwork skills and put a special focus on developing creative solutions to frequently occurring real market problems. The topics in the training are divided as follows:

  1. Creative industries and trends
  2. What is collaboration, co-creation, and the platform economy and open innovation
  3. What is User Centered Design Methodology?
  4. Managing collaborative teams
  5. How to successfully market your product

In the third and final phase since the implementation of the project, the pilot training was conducted, which involved 10 participants who went through the training course and tested the functionality of the training platform, giving their feedback, which is of particular importance for the improvement of the created results. The final project conference took place on 28/04/2021, aiming to present the project and its intellectual products to the general public.

The training platform created by the project, containing all the training content, is available at the following address. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at the indicated email to complete your registration:

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