Milen Dobrev: In Bulgaria, more attention is paid to the quantitative, instead of the qualitative dimension of the labor market

Milen Dobrev In Bulgaria, more attention is paid to the quantitative, instead of the qualitative dimension of the labor market

"Our observations as a business organization do not share this pessimism about a looming crisis, but rather we can talk about a temporary slowdown in growth trends. The NSI data for this year are in line with the seasonal nature of the economy in Bulgaria, and we observe similar results every year." This was stated on BNT by the executive director of the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Milen Dobrev, in the program "In Focus: The Region", whose emphasis this week falls on the economy of the city of Ruse.

Regarding the lack of skilled labor, Mr. Dobrev drew a parallel with Romania, where not only is there a greater resource in the context of European funds, but also businesses invest more of their own funds in their staff. At the moment, in Bulgaria, too much attention is paid to the quantitative dimension of the labor market, instead of the qualitative dimension, which is much more important for business, he also commented.

A positive trend is that more and more companies are realizing the importance of investing in human resource development. Pressured by labor shortages, businesses are putting more effort into developing competencies and retaining staff. It is here that the Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry focuses its efforts by developing activities to support this process. The initiatives that RTIK implements on projects are aimed at improving the competencies of human resources, which improves both their prospects for sustainable employment and increases the competitiveness of the companies in which they work. Through the development and application of innovative methods and training content, specialists have the opportunity to absorb the material in their profession more quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, the transfer of international experience and know-how helps businesses to adapt more quickly and successfully and to be more competitive in foreign markets.

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