RTIK with a leading role in cross-border partnership between social entrepreneurs

RTIK with a leading role in cross-border partnership between social entrepreneurs

Within the framework of the Social Challenges Innovation Platform project, the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry coordinates and supports the partnership between organizations in Poland and Italy that are working on a solution to a specific social challenge. The decision itself can serve as an example of a successful partnership at the European level with optimal coverage.

The Polish organization "Habitat for humanity" has identified a specific social problem in the capital Warsaw, which has 1.8 million inhabitants, 300,000 companies and about 26,000 unemployed. It is precisely on the latter that the focus of the organization, which proposes the introduction of elements of the circular economy and the engagement of people in a disadvantaged position. Another problem that has been identified as a potential opportunity is the huge amount of waste that is not processed in any way. The main goal of the organization is to set up a kind of "workshop" where people can donate various products that they no longer use, and they, in turn, are processed, restored and sold for reuse.

The project also envisages cooperation with various local organizations, in particular the Beauty Arts Academy, from which experience can be gained in making various works of art.

The implementation of the decision was undertaken by the Italian organization "Forum Compraverde", which has many years of experience in the development of similar initiatives in Italy.

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