Avco AD

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Avco AD

Founded in 1989, Avko AD is a leading manufacturer of industrial sealing insulation materials and systems. The company is distinguished by high-quality products, continuous innovation and development of new technologies, which make it a leader in its field. The unique combination of production of gland packings, industrial yarns and braiding machines allows the company to have a closed production cycle, which guarantees high quality and competitive prices of production.

Avko AD successfully exports its products to countries in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Russia, successfully establishing its brand on four continents. The company sees the sale of a product not only as a completed transaction, but also as the beginning of a long-term partnership. Over 90% of Avko AD's customers work in fields such as chemical, industrial, food and other industries.

In order to meet the growing needs of its customers, Avko AD is constantly expanding its product range, team of professionals and technical qualifications, ensuring the best quality of products and service.

Since 1998, Avko AD has a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001. Since 2007, the company has also been certified under an Integrated Quality Management System, including ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management and ISO 45001: 2018 on the management of health and safety at work. This is how Avko AD demonstrates its commitment to improving the ecological state of nature and protecting the environment.

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